I am the official Town Crier for Blackpool

The Town Crier for Virgin Trains

Honorary Town Crier for Thameside Metropolitan Borough Council

I am a member of the Loyal Company of Town Criers

As you can see i am proud as punch to be

The Official Town Crier for Boddingtons Brewery, Part of Manchester since 1778

I compete in various competitions around the country

And each year in July I am the Host Crier for the Annual Blackpool Town Crier Championships

In 2003 as Blackpool Town Crier, I visited the Beamish Museum in North East England, to present them with the Blackpool Coat of Arms, Tto be carried on the Marton Tram, donated by Blackpool Corporation many years ago. This was to commemorate the trams 100th birthday. Blackpool Trams are without doubt. one of the great attractions of Britains premier seaside Resort.