I am a Fellow of the Britannic Guild of Toastmasters, and i am in regular demand to officiate at weddings and corporate events.

I have been the Toastmaster and Fanfare Trumpeter at many occasions, such as the weddings of Liverpool and England Captain Steven Gerrard, Liverpol player Jamie Carragher, Manchester United player Michael Owen and ex Liverpool player Robbie Fowler.

Perhapse my favorite is the Ancient Ale Tasting Ceremony. In 1552 a national licensing act was introduced. Any Town or Village with an official Town Crier, gave him the job of Ale Conner, or Ale Taster. 450 years on, it's great to see some ancient traditions alive today.

I have been the Fanfare Trumpeter for Her Majesty The Queen, on the final day of her Golden Jubilee Tour.

I have been the fanfare Trumpeter in the G8 Summit meeting in Birmingham, The Grand National Dinner in Liverpool and various different Embassies around the world.

The Fanfare Trumpet seams a simple instrument to play, but getting the notes just right is a long learned skill. Something that has stood me in good stead for many years, culminating in......