The Bagpipes can be a southing sound in the right setting, and the perfect accompaniment to the pomp and ceremony of a regal occasion. I have been the Piper at many such occasions, including ...

Piper and Toastmaster at Robbie Fowler's Wedding at Dunns Castle.

Piper at the Wedding of the Daughter of The Earl of Pembroke, at Wilton House, Wiltshire.

Piper at the CBI Conference and Grand National Dinner in Liverpool.

Piping in the New Year at Blackpool Tower.

The official Piper to HRH The Prince Of Wales, at the Royal Show in Warwickshire.

Burns Night, with the Piping of the Haggis and Burns Address, Selkirk Grace and Immortal Memory. Then this is followed later in the night with a renditionof songs and poems, written by the great man himself, Robbie Burns.

Lone Piper and Town Crier at the Birmingham International Tattoo, held in the NECin 2009. I was the solo Piper with the band of The Coldstream Guards. Over the last 15 years, i have performed the opening as the Town Crier at this international tattoo.