Boddingtons Brewery, Strangeways
Encouraged by the growth of industrial Manchester, Thomas Caister and Thomas Fray established Strangeways brewery in 1778 on a site just past New Bridge Street to the north of the River Irk.

In 1813, Henry Boddington was born. At the age of 19, he became a traveller for the brewery, and was further promoted within the company, until he was made a partner by John Harrison, the then owner in 1847.

In 1853 Henry became the sole owner of Strangeways brewery, boosting production to 16,731 barrels a year. By 1872 the brewery produced 50,000 barrels a year, a figure which had doubled by 1877.

In 1877, a serious fire badly damaged the Strangeways brewery, which by this time had become the largest beer producer in Manchester. Henry Boddington introduced his son (also called Henry) to the management and thus Henry Boddington & Sons was born.

Following the death of Henry Boddington Snr. in 1886, the company become public limited with the name 'Boddingtons Breweries Ltd.', and in 1900 introduced the famous two bees and a barrel logo which is still used today. The logo was adopted from Manchester's coats of arms with the two bees representing the two B's of Boddingtons Breweries.

In 1908 Robert Slater Boddington became chairman, before his death in 1930 passed ownership to his sons, Geoffrey and Philip.

World War I followed, and on the night of December 22, 1940, German bombs destroyed Strangeways brewery, prompting the brothers to rebuild it bigger and better than ever.

After Philip's death in 1952, Geoffrey continued as chairman of Boddingtons Breweries until his retirement in 1970 when he is replaced by Ewart Boddington. After his retirement in 1980, Erwant is replaced by Denis Cassidy, the first time the brewery had not been ran by a member of the Boddingtons family since 1853.

In October 1989 the brewing interests of Boddingtons were sold to Whitbread for £50.7 million, although the pub division was kept by the Boddington group. The move took Boddingtons from being a household name in Manchester with a production of 200,000 barrels a year and turned it into a Worldwide favourite with production in excess of 750,000 barrels, all at its Manchester Strangeways brewery!

In 1994, Boddingtons were the first brewers to introduce canned beer with a Draughtflow dispense system, which prompted the launch of Boddingtons Export in 1995 and Boddingtons Manchester Gold in 1996.

Sales of Boddies are at an all time high, so much so that over 90% of Strangeways' production is now spent brewing the ale. As a result, Whitbread transferred brewing of Oldham Best bitter to its Burtonwood brewery in Warrington.

Boddingtons is without doubt the Cream Of Manchester
Boddingtons Bitter (3.8% A.B.V.) - a golden beer with a rich creamy head in which the grainy malt, hop and bitter has a smooth sweet taste.

Boddingtons Manchester Gold (4.8% A.B.V.) - a stronger smoother ale, with the famous Boddingtons taste and creamy head created from fermenting and maturing.

Boddingtons Export / Boddingtons Pub Ale (4.8%) - Boddingtons premium beer, brewed to Export strength for sale Worldwide, keeping the famous Boddies taste and creamy head.

Little Boddies - Boddingtons in a small continental-sized bottle.

Boddingtons Mild (3.1% A.B.V.) - a thin, dark mild with a sweet caramel and malt flavour, and a short aftertaste.

Oldham's Best (OB) Mild (3% A.B.V.) - Reddish-brown beer with a malty aroma. A smooth roast malt and fruit flavour follows, then a malty and suprisingly bitter after-taste.